**Half Marathon Template Correction**

Forgive me as I make the following correction to my original Half-Marathon template.

Thank you!

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I Signed Up For A Half Marathon

I signed up for a half marathon.

Here is my training schedule for it.

I will do this training schedule for 12 weeks.

The long run is the main effort.  All else are supporting efforts.

The long run will begin at 3 miles and end up at 12 miles the week before the race.


Half Marathon 12 Week Schedule

Continuing With Carbohydrates & Minimum Effective Dose

I am a week or so into doing this and I want to share a few things…

1.  As I start to lose weight it happens from my extremities in.  So when I feel my wedding ring starting to get loose and my dress shirt collar doing the same I know I am making progress.  I suspect this is because we want fat around our core to keep us warm and alive so it probably goes away last. 

2.  Bananas are great.  They are good for me and make me feel full, which I like.

3.  The one cup of rice with dinner is perfect as it curbs my desire for the 8pm-ish snack and ensures I am not grump-tastic.

4.  On Saturdays and Sundays I need a small carb-related snack about 3pm.  I need this on the weekends because life is slow enough that I have time to realize that I need it.  During the week, life is hectic, so I never notice.

5.  This entire thing is a not a sprint, not a marathon, but a lifestyle refinement.  As such, as long I am winning “the battle of the knife and fork” five out of seven days a week, fifty out of fifty two weeks per year, I am good to go.

Also, regarding walking in the morning before breakfast I have developed these guidelines which balance health with not getting sick:

  Temperature less than 30 degrees — no morning walk.

  Temperature between 30 and 41 degrees — walk.

  Temperature 42 degrees or above — walk is okay and running is okay too.

Carbohydrates & Minimum Effective Dose


Last October I did an experiment based upon a modification of Dan John’s Meat, Leaves, and Berries eating plan.  You can read about it HERE.

While it worked quite well, it was not sustainable for me.


Because by the time dinner rolled around I was craving carbohydrates like a madman.  It took a lot of work to restrain my inner grump.


So my new experiment, as a scientific sample of one, revolves around trying to figure out what is the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of carbohydrates that I need at dinner to ensure I am a happier version of me.

So…  For the next 30-ish days I am going to do the same thing I did last October, but I am going to add one cup of basmati rice to my dinner.

Stay tuned!







Time, Kettlebells, “Before Meal Workouts” and “Ends-to-the-Middle” Ladders


Time has gotten away from me as I attend a training program during my non-work hours.  This training program takes the majority of my attention when I am not with family or at work thus my workouts have lessened.  Due to the current scenario I began the below listed routine which has been working quite well for me for a little over a month.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Hinge and Press.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Squat, Pull, and Loaded Carry.


– Before Dinner:  Kettlebell complex lasting between 12 and 15 minutes.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Hinge and Press.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Squat, Pull, and Loaded Carry.

Other Notes:

On the kettlebell exercises I have begun doing what I call “Ends-to-the-Middle Ladders” which work well.  For example if your ladder is going to be 1-2-3-4-5 repetitions you execute as 1-5-2-4-3.  Make sense? 

With the kettlebell press and squat I begin with “Ends-to-the-Middle Ladders” at 1-2-3-4-5 and work up over time to 6-7-8-9-10.  Once I get 6-7-8-9-10 I move up in weight.

With the kettlebell swing progression I am still doing what I posted previously.  I use the Dan John idea of two-handed swings for 20 repetitions and one-handed swings for 10 repetitions.  I aim for 100 repetitions per workout. 


Pull-ups are still done according to about half of the volume within the Recon Ron program which in my experience still ensures progression.


Loaded carries are waiter’s walks or farmer’s walks.  I really like both but find my shoulders love the waiter’s walks for 30 second repetitions.

Doing The Work

I enjoy reading and participating in a few internet forums related to fitness.  I learn, others learn, and we often move forward towards our fitness goals together.  However, there is a point where the discussion needs to end and work needs to begin.  So…  Repeat after me:

There is no perfect program.

As Joe or Jane Average, who doesn’t earn their living through physical prowess, if I neglect a movement for one month while trying a different program, the world will not end.

When looking at a program, when in doubt, try it out!

I cannot emphasize enough that while the experiences of others are valuable, the best way for you to learn if a program will work for you is to try it yourself and see what happens.  Learning from the experiences of others is good, learning from your own experiences is better.


After Action of Dan John’s Meat, Leaves, and Berries

Dan John

Dan John

In this article Dan John spoke of eating only meat, leaves, and berries.

The plan as written would not work for me.  I need my morning coffee with cream and sugar and also need my Friday night pizza and popcorn with my family.  Based upon this I executed as follows:

  • Eat as much meat and as many leaves and fruits and berries as I want to.
  • No eating after 7pm (Except on Friday).
  • Cream and sugar are allowed in my morning coffee.
  • On Fridays I eat pizza and popcorn with my family.
  • Walk for 45 minutes upon waking Monday through Friday prior to consuming anything with a caloric value.
  • Do 100 two-handed kettlebell swings with a 24kg kettlebell following the walk.  I did this by four sets of 25 repetitions.

Thirty days later I have:

  • Lost 14 pounds.
  • Feel more energized and less sluggish in almost everything I do.
  • Sleep much better.

All of the above has led to an improved quality of life.  Due to the quantity of food I consumed I never felt hungry but still burned fat.  I suggest you give this a try for 30 days and see where you end up.  Note that this was all I did for 30 days.  I think the key to this being sustainable was that I wasn’t doing a lot of activities that increased my appetite.