Blood Pressure & Shoulders

Blood Pressure:

August 23:  163/95

September 28:  138/78

October 8:  138/72

Since August 23-ish:

No cardio.

3x a week lifting.

DASH diet six days per week. One day per week I go nuts and eat and drink whatever I want.

Cut back on caffeine from a single 28oz daily coffee to single 16oz.

8 oz of beet juice daily.

8 oz of hibiscus tea daily.

12mg of fish oil daily.

1 cup of oatmeal for breakfast daily.

Correlation? Causation? I have no clue. What I do know is that I did a combination of things and the numbers came down.


In August, 2016 my left bicep tendon started to dislike me.  I got a cortisone injection, did some rehab, and it is fixed.

In October, 2016 my right bicep tendon flared up again from this thing in 2014.  My body truly hates horizontal pressing of any kind as this flare-up came from push-ups, and very few of them at that.  I got a cortisone injection and rehab starts this week.  Note I never got a cortisone injection in the right bicep tendon in 2014 because it was never presented to me as an option.

Based upon what I learned from my previous bicep tendon rehab efforts and reading The 7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution below is a jpg of my next plan — or as I call it Shoulder Thingy Two Point Oh.



A 7 Week Cycle


I have come up with the below template based upon my workout log review.  Since I am in essence back to basics I am going to run this seven week cycle a few times and see where things go.


Log Review and New (Old) Discoveries



Last night I reviewed all of my logs since the beginning and discovered the following:

My best progress on the military press was made when I was doing it three times per week with each session consisting of three ladders of 1-2-3 and micro loading.

My best progress with the deadlift and squat was made when I was doing it once per week with each session consisting of five ladders of 1-2-3.

It remains to be seen what doing barbell rows does for me. I suspect they are good for strength and health whether they transfer to the other lifts or not.

The sweet spot for me for weekly schedules-wise based upon the demands of the rest of my life seems to be three days per week.

During these thrice-per-week sessions I can best fit in two lifts with a maximum of 15 sets each (e.g. five ladders of 1-2-3 for two different lifts).

The sweet spot for me for volume seems to be a 4-5 week cycle.

The sweet spot for intensity for me seems to be a 1-2 week cycle.

I seemed to make my best progress during the intensity cycle ramping up to a one or three rep max at RPE 10 then dropping 10% and working the same rep scheme again until I once again hit RPE 10.

I think pursuing three rep maxes is likely best / safest as an intensity goal for a non-competitor.

I need to start doing deload weeks.


Half Marathons & Hypertension

The site uses images to explain objects.

The night before the half marathon my right foot began hurting so much it took my breath away.  When I woke up the next morning the pain was still there so I skipped the race.  The Doctor declared a sprained tarsometatarsal.  While I didn’t get to run the race it turns out my last long run before the half marathon was 14 miles so mentally I checked the block for my goals this summer.

While at the Doctor’s office my blood pressure was extremely high, around 153/92.  I have taken it two more times this week and it is at this level or slightly lower.  In response I am pursuing the DASH diet.  As I scoured my blog and workout notebook I found this post that I had forgotten about.  In it I note a correlation between my weight lifting, specifically using barbells, and lowering of blood pressure.  Based upon all of the above it looks it’s time to get back under the bar.  See below for my next template.




Time, Kettlebells, “Before Meal Workouts” and “Ends-to-the-Middle” Ladders


Time has gotten away from me as I attend a training program during my non-work hours.  This training program takes the majority of my attention when I am not with family or at work thus my workouts have lessened.  Due to the current scenario I began the below listed routine which has been working quite well for me for a little over a month.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Hinge and Press.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Squat, Pull, and Loaded Carry.


– Before Dinner:  Kettlebell complex lasting between 12 and 15 minutes.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Hinge and Press.


– Before Breakfast:  Walk 45 minutes.

– Before Dinner:  Kettlebells with a focus on Squat, Pull, and Loaded Carry.

Other Notes:

On the kettlebell exercises I have begun doing what I call “Ends-to-the-Middle Ladders” which work well.  For example if your ladder is going to be 1-2-3-4-5 repetitions you execute as 1-5-2-4-3.  Make sense? 

With the kettlebell press and squat I begin with “Ends-to-the-Middle Ladders” at 1-2-3-4-5 and work up over time to 6-7-8-9-10.  Once I get 6-7-8-9-10 I move up in weight.

With the kettlebell swing progression I am still doing what I posted previously.  I use the Dan John idea of two-handed swings for 20 repetitions and one-handed swings for 10 repetitions.  I aim for 100 repetitions per workout.

Pull-ups are still done according to about half of the volume within the Recon Ron program which in my experience still ensures progression.

Loaded carries are waiter’s walks or farmer’s walks.  I really like both but find my shoulders love the waiter’s walks for 30 second repetitions.

Long Time No Post

I haven’t posted in awhile because I don’t have much to say and I am busy doing other things.

However, I wanted to at least share the program I have been on for about six months now.  I am making gains slow and steady and I am injury free.

Note that for a pressing movement my shoulder still only likes vertical pressing.


20150129 - Three On One Off

No Pain No Gain or Pain No Gain



The piriformis syndrome is under control.  Based upon advice from friends I have modified my template significantly and I am making time for some stretching and foam rolling post workout.  I cannot emphasize how important it is for me to stretch my hamstrings, glutes, piriformis, and to foam roll my piriformis after a workout.  This is how I keep my lower body pain-free.  See below for the new template.