Log Review and New (Old) Discoveries



Last night I reviewed all of my logs since the beginning and discovered the following:

My best progress on the military press was made when I was doing it three times per week with each session consisting of three ladders of 1-2-3 and micro loading.

My best progress with the deadlift and squat was made when I was doing it once per week with each session consisting of five ladders of 1-2-3.

It remains to be seen what doing barbell rows does for me. I suspect they are good for strength and health whether they transfer to the other lifts or not.

The sweet spot for me for weekly schedules-wise based upon the demands of the rest of my life seems to be three days per week.

During these thrice-per-week sessions I can best fit in two lifts with a maximum of 15 sets each (e.g. five ladders of 1-2-3 for two different lifts).

The sweet spot for me for volume seems to be a 4-5 week cycle.

The sweet spot for intensity for me seems to be a 1-2 week cycle.

I seemed to make my best progress during the intensity cycle ramping up to a one or three rep max at RPE 10 then dropping 10% and working the same rep scheme again until I once again hit RPE 10.

I think pursuing three rep maxes is likely best / safest as an intensity goal for a non-competitor.

I need to start doing deload weeks.