Continuing With Carbohydrates & Minimum Effective Dose

I am a week or so into doing this and I want to share a few things…

1.  As I start to lose weight it happens from my extremities in.  So when I feel my wedding ring starting to get loose and my dress shirt collar doing the same I know I am making progress.  I suspect this is because we want fat around our core to keep us warm and alive so it probably goes away last. 

2.  Bananas are great.  They are good for me and make me feel full, which I like.

3.  The one cup of rice with dinner is perfect as it curbs my desire for the 8pm-ish snack and ensures I am not grump-tastic.

4.  On Saturdays and Sundays I need a small carb-related snack about 3pm.  I need this on the weekends because life is slow enough that I have time to realize that I need it.  During the week, life is hectic, so I never notice.

5.  This entire thing is a not a sprint, not a marathon, but a lifestyle refinement.  As such, as long I am winning “the battle of the knife and fork” five out of seven days a week, fifty out of fifty two weeks per year, I am good to go.

Also, regarding walking in the morning before breakfast I have developed these guidelines which balance health with not getting sick:

  Temperature less than 30 degrees — no morning walk.

  Temperature between 30 and 41 degrees — walk.

  Temperature 42 degrees or above — walk is okay and running is okay too.