Bob Wanamaker — Pain Expert — He Who Shepherds Injured Weightlifters

Bob Wanamaker

Bob Wanamaker


Earlier this year as a newby lifter I had my first injury CLICK.  A swollen long head bicep tendon.  I had never been injured like this before.  I was scared.  I was scared because I had survived numerous events in the badlands and left that life to be with my family.  I was never wounded.  I walked away from that life physically intact.  After all that to have my quality of life impacted negatively by my hobby was not a good thing.

I had signed up for a training seminar in Brooklyn, New York CLICK.  My injury happened the weekend prior and friend and mentor Steve Shafley suggested I talk to Bob Wanamaker as he was both an expert in pain and rehabilitation and he would be at the seminar I had signed up for.

Bob took time out of his schedule and we spoke at length on the phone.  He counseled me that from here forward pain would be my guide.  Bob also suggested that I was in the best position I could be in as I was coming to a seminar with some of the most talented Powerlifters in the business and they could likely pinpoint my issue and show me how to prevent re-occurrence.  This is exactly what happened.  I learned it was improper bench pressing form that caused my injury.  Bob showed me what right looked like and six weeks later I was fixed.

Recently I experienced sciatica which turned out to be a symptom of piriformis syndrome.  Bob again took time and helped me out.  In short, I owe my sanity and perspective when it comes to strength training injuries to Bob Wanamaker.

In May of 2006 Bob was diagnosed with a disease called Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH).  DISH causes Bob’s connective tissue to turn to bone. There is no cure; the cause is unknown, and very little is known about the disease.

Bob and his wife have depleted all their savings so that Bob can achieve the mobility that he currently has.  Bob is asking for help funding his medical bills.  If you wish to donate, and I truly hope you do, please check out this link CLICK.

Bob helps people.  Bob helped me.  Now it is time for us to help Bob.