Realizations and Barbell 3.0

Due to childcare commitments a few weeks back I ended up getting one rest day between lift days.  My performance increased. This is a good thing.

Due to my shoulder injury I had to drop a lot of weight and range of motion on my bent over rows and eliminate bench pressing.  My bent over row weight is now so light that I doubt it is giving me much bang for the buck.  I am dropping this lift in favor of an alternating second main lift day.  Yes I know an alternating second lift day sounds imprecise so I shall let Paul Carter explain it better in a post on Power and Bulk from 2011 CLICK:

I personally think the template of squatting and pulling twice one week and then once the week next is about perfect. You get the same on pressing. Twice one week and once the next. Once a week for pressing can work, but it’s not always the best choice. If my elbow allowed it, I would press heavy twice a week, but I can barely press heavy once every other week (although that seems to be improving with the new bed). 

So my personal fave is… 

m – squat dead – squat priority 

w – bench 

f – squat dead – dead priority 

m – press (overhead or incline) 

w – squat dead – squat priority 

f – bench 


Thus over two weeks, you squat and pull 3 times and press heavy 3 times. 

I personally found this to be money and will get back to it once the injuries clear up.

Blaidd Drwg from IrongarmX had good things to say about main lifts versus accessory work from 2011 CLICK:

FYI…most assistance movements are ghey. GM’s and Rows are some of the least ghey. Before doing an assistance movement other than a variations of the main lift (RDLS, board presses, pause squats) ask yourself why the fuck am i doing this? here are some sample questions:

“Am I so crippled that i can’t lift right?” 

“Am i too tired to take weight off the bar and drill it correctly?”

“Am i so special such that I can’t learn the lift by just practicing the god damn lift?” 

“Am i rehabbing an injury?”

“Will this give me a huge neck or big guns?” 

“do i or my lifting partners have a track record of using this movement to add pounds to the core lifts?”

if the answer is no…don’t do it, just squat more.

Shaf’s Ladders work extremely well for me CLICK.

I like using Mike Tuchscherer’s RPEs to ensure I am achieving the effect I desire during each session CLICK.

MeatPlow from IrongarmX schooled me on micro loading and I like it a lot CLICK.

Bob Wanamaker “The Thinking Strongman” taught me to value adding a rehab week to my schedule CLICK.

Based upon my current physical limitations, and all of the learning that has occurred recently I present to you Barbell 3.0 aka the CarterBlaiddDrwgShafTuchschererMeatPlowWanamaker Plan!  Nine weeks — six weeks volume, two weeks intensity, one week rehab / deload.

20140515 CarterBlaiddDrwgShafTuchschererMeatPlowWanamaker