Joking with Shaf

As I make my journey through the world of strength training I consider myself fortunate to have Steve Shafley as a mentor.

Today, because I am a dork at heart, I made a PowerPoint slide depicting the various factors that I, as a drug-free non-competing hobbyist weight lifter must balance in order to gain strength / muscle mass etc.

My Reality

My Reality

I sent the slide to Shaf as I want to bounce the content off him to ensure I am not totally out of my mind.  Shaf, who has a keen grasp of what works, concurs with my slide content and then sends back his own slide which depicts what people want and what the fitness industry markets.

Fitness Industry Reality

What People Want / What the Fitness Industry Markets

I found my back and forth with Shaf to be so funny I decided to share it with my blog-goers.  Enjoy!