RTS Seminar


You may recall I posted CLICK my intent to attend the Reactive Training Systems (RTS) CLICK seminar at the South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club CLICK on 14-15 February 2014 in Brooklyn, NY.  

Throughout my life I have found that the best way to progress in any endeavor is to surround yourself with people better than you.  This is why I attended the RTS seminar though I am a non-Powerlifter and non-competitor.

The seminar consisted of lecture and guided discussions from 9am to 12pm, a lunch break, two hours of practical application, and another lecture and guided discussion period.  This worked well as it gave the seminar attendees both theory and practical application.

The RTS Team of Matt Gary and Suzanne Hartwig-Gary of Supreme Sports Performance and Training CLICK, Bob Wanamaker “The Thinking Strongman” CLICK, and Ben Esgro of De Novo Nutrition CLICK, presented an all-encompassing curriculum that dealt with much more than just lifting.  Together with Mike Tuchscherer the lecture and guided discussion covered autoregulation theories, mental preparation and positive mindset, pain management, lift attempt selection, and nutrition.


Matt Gary and Suzanne Hartwig-Gary



Bob Wanamaker


Ben Esgro

During the practical application we focused on deadlift, squat, bench, and overhead press.  At the time I had been diagnosed with a possible partially torn anterior rotator cuff.  Under the expert supervision of the RTS Team I was able to safely perform the lifts with proper form and based upon this a tear was ruled out in favor of a swollen long head bicep tendon the following week.


Paul Steinman

The South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club is run by Paul Steinman.  Not only is the equipment amazing but the lifters who go there demonstrate a high level of motivation and esprit de corps that I found to be infectious.  I am envious of the lifters who are able to hang with Paul on a regular basis.

I specifically walked away from the seminar having fixed my bench press form, deciding to utilize heeled powerlifting shoes during squats which help a lot, pulling sumo vice conventional deadlift which Mike Tuchscherer recommended based upon the length of my thigh bones, and in-depth knowledge of macros and nutrition.

Bottom Line:  Whatever your goals if you are serious about the iron I suggest you check out an RTS seminar whenever possible.