The Journey is the Reward

It is February 1st, 2014 and I have been on a barbell training program since November 11th, 2013.  If curious one can view my log on IrongarmX  CLICK.

The results have been extremely positive.  I am stronger, I sleep better at night, my blood pressure is lower, and cosmetically I have thickened up a bit with only about a five-pound weight gain.  Though results are important it is the knowledge attained through the journey that is the real reward.

Thus far on my journey I have experienced soreness but no injuries.  Some soreness was in places new to me or at an intensity level I had never previously experienced.  This has scared me once or twice and forced me to come up with a solution.  I have struggled, allowed self-doubt to occur, been in a total state of denial as to a day’s planned workout, but slowly and surely prevailed through giving the barbell my complete effort.

My barbell journey has enabled character traits that may have been dormant to re-emerge.  Traits such as being able to control fear and anxiety, being able to solve problems under stress, and conducting detailed research and planning to solve longer term issues.  My barbell journey has also opened my eyes to what is possible and exposed me to some amazing people whom I appreciate every single day.

As you journey towards your destination keep the end in sight but remember that along the way you will be rewarded with self-knowledge that can be applied to a future journey as well.

Yes.  I did steal the title of this blog post from a Taoist saying.  #unoriginalblogger

Yes. I did steal the title of this blog post from a Taoist saying. #unoriginalblogger