Investing in Knowledge vice Things


Two nights ago on Twitter I saw that Mike Tuchscherer of Reactive Training Systems CLICK along with Suzanne Hartwig-Gary and Matt Gary of Supreme Sports Performance and Training CLICK,  Ben Esgro of Denovo Nutrition CLICK, and Bob Wanamaker, “The Thinking Strongman”, CLICK  will be holding a seminar at the South Brooklyn Weight Lifting Club CLICK in February, 2014 CLICK.

I was absolutely shocked by the low price of this seminar.  I was so shocked that I assumed the listed price was an error.  I looked at my computer’s keypad hypothesizing that someone meant to hit the “6” vice the “3” when they entered the price on the website.  I then e-mailed a friend and he said that the price listed sounded right.

I was shocked because I can visit virtually any fitness-related website on the internet and see people agonizing over which “thing” to buy.  They agonize over this fitness product and that fitness product spending money hand over fist on “things” vice spending their money on training and education.  This trend is similar in the tactical world where someone will spend thousands of dollars on firearms but not a cent on how to learn the best way to utilize said firearm.

As an experiment I looked at a U.S. map and the farthest major city I found from New York, New York, where the seminar will be held, is San Diego, CA.  Let’s do some math — as of today:

Seminar:  $300

Round Trip Ticket from San Diego, CA to New York, New York:  $379.80 (Lowest Price, Let’s Assume $500)

Hotel:  $280 (Pre-Paid Rate)

Thus for around $1,100, not counting cost of movement from airport to hotel or meals, one can travel from the opposite end of the U.S. to New York, New York and learn from some of the best in the business.  Think about how much money you spend on fitness products which may or may not be utilized as your interests change.  Compare this with the opportunity to acquire knowledge that cannot be taken from you.

Things or knowledge — the investment is your choice.

For the record I will be attending this seminar, I will likely be the skinniest and weakest person in attendance, but the best way to learn is to always surround yourself with people better than you.  Thank you in advance to all the people named above for this seminar.  I am sure I will learn a lot.