Holiday Season Stress


The holiday season descends upon us as a reminder that while you can pick your friends you cannot pick your family.  Family get-togethers are always so much fun as 30-year-old rivalries and disagreements raise their ugly heads with the assistance of too much time together and a splash of alcohol.  Couple this with the never-ending expectations of relatives who quickly put you into the “you don’t love your family” category if you fail to travel across the country with your wife and child to endure all what is described above.  Aah the holidays — they are so much fun.

This holiday season is going to be full of pressure.  I suggest you embrace the holiday season as a time to relax and re-charge before the New Year.  If relaxing and re-charging means not meeting someone’s expectations of you so be it.  If they really loved you they wouldn’t have such expectations anyway.