The Barbell Plan

Yes.  I know.  I am using this picture again.

Yes. I know. I am using this picture again.

With kettlebells out and the barbell in I am executing the below plan.

One main lift (deadlift, press, squat, bench press) per day.

Four main lift days per week.

Two days on.  One day off.  Two days on.  Two days off.

I chose this overall schedule because it gets me in and out of the gym quickly and if I miss a day I can likely stack two days’ worth of lifting into one thereby still meeting my weekly goal.

Three weeks on.  One week off.  I chose this because it gives me some light at the end of the tunnel and effectively balances work with rest for the long haul.

Three week volume cycle to be executed via 50/20 or Steve Shafley’s ladder program or sets on the minute.

One week off.

Three week intensity cycle executed via five sets of three with the same weight attempting to increase each week or a 5×5 consisting of a light 1×5, moderate 1×5, then 3×5 work sets.

One week off.

Switch main lift with a variant.

Run another volume cycle and another intensity cycle.

Switch order of exercises.  Switch main lift with a variant.

See below chart for more information.

FINAL Shaf Plan