Kettlebells — Closing Thoughts

In a previous post CLICK I said that based upon the demands in my life I prefer kettlebells because “good enough for me” strength training as often as I want is better than “perfect but rare” strength training twice a week.


I am pleased to report that I now have the time and the appropriate gym access to begin barbell training.  I have been reading, researching, studying, and consulting the most knowledgeable people I can.  I have a good plan with built-in flexibility for schedule changes.  The plan also alternates between volume and intensity, rotates exercises, and prescribes rest periods.

Before the kettlebell makes an exit I want to emphasize that kettlebells, specifically owning 2x16kg, 2x24kg, and 2x32kg are just right for the average male’s needs.  Add a good pull-up bar and dip belt to my proposed kettlebell line-up and you can get strong enough to handle most of what life will throw at you.

Why am I pursuing barbell training?  I want to see how strong I can get — especially now that I almost know what I am doing.  My previous attempts at barbell training were poorly executed without proper research and sans training in barbell usage.  All of the preceding will be rectified in the next few days.  I am excited.