Searching for Truth and a Feeling of Control


We do what we must.  Then we can do what we want.

Many of us, in order to survive, must employ multiple facades.  Professionally we struggle to present ourselves to our seniors, subordinates, and peers in whatever way we must to ensure job security and progression.  We constantly look for angles, assess the situation, and try to determine who to trust.  Personally we bite our tongue and pick our battles.  We may try to make a loved one feel as though we are truly concerned about an issue they value while inside all we want to do is sleep.

At the macro level these departures from our true selves are necessary to ensure that society functions relatively smoothly.  The world would not be a very pleasant place if we told everyone exactly what we thought at all times.  At the micro level the use of facades drains our mental energy.  Some of us spend more time putting up the façade than we do being our true selves which may lead to a sense that we have no control over our own lives.

“The Iron will always kick you the real deal.”

Our need for truth and a feeling of control can be satisfied, for a brief period of time, through a hobby.  For me it is kettlebells.  The kettlebell sits.  I need not adopt a façade.  I need not look for angles or determine if it is trustworthy.  I am not trying to win it over or convince it that my feelings are genuine.  I pick it up and put it down (no pun intended).  I drink water.  I eat protein.  I sleep.  Effort plus recovery equals success — no networking, popularity, or schmoozing required.  Kettlebells make my true self smile.


If you do not have a hobby I suggest you get one.  Try to make it something that you can engage in often and does not require enormous time, money, or logistics.  Use the hobby to feed the part of you that needs truth and the feeling that something in your life is under control.  I bet you will be better for it.