Discovering the Basics Part 1

I have always been more of a runner than a lifter.  I am ectomorph-ish and running seemed to come naturally.  Any lifting I did relied on Bro-Science.  The above plus significant time constraints due to deployment / marriage / family etc led to the improper mindset of only doing what I was good at.


Now I have a decent amount of time, a high level of motivation, and I know how to do good research.  Take a hike Bro-Science!  Two developments that are extremely basic which have significantly enhanced my life in the last few months are increasing my protein intake to 1 gram per pound of body weight and drinking at least 100 ounces of water daily.

The protein recommendation came from Doctor Lonnie Lowery on the Iron Radio podcast CLICK. Doctor Lowery is accompanied most often by Phil Stevens and Robert “Fortress” Fortney.  The podcast content is a great mix of science, powerlifting, and bodybuilding information.  Since I have adopted Doctor Lowery’s advice from the podcast I am less sore, recover quicker, and my monthly gains seem less likely to be reversed if that makes sense.  My gains are solid.  I don’t know how else to describe that.

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After doing a lot of research on protein supplements I settled with True Nutrition CLICK.  I am specifically using their Whey Protein Isolate CFM Cross-Flow Microfiltration CLICK in an unsweetened and unflavored manner.  It dissolves well and has none of the filler material that you will find in proteins at your local drug store.  True Nutrition also allows you to make custom mixes if you have a niche you are looking to fill.


Drinking 100 ounces of water per day flushes my system of bad stuff, ensures that hunger cues are in fact hunger cues, and increases my energy level.  Note that the 100 ounces of water consumed does not count the water I drink during workouts.  When I was a younger man the below chart was posted in the barracks at Parris Island.  I found it on the interwebs and it makes me smile when I see it and think of days gone by.


Many who read this entry may facepalm themselves at my ignorance of the basics.  Looking back on how I spent time plodding on influenced by Bro-Science and choosing to not challenge my weak areas I facapalm myself.


,At the end of the day all I can do is learn, plan, test, learn, plan, test, repeat ad infinitum.  The most fun part in this entire process is coming up with the “thing” that I will try next.  I am neck-deep in Dan John, Pavel, Charles Staley, Bryce Lane, Steve Shafley and the ideas just keep coming and coming.  Luckily I am disciplined enough to work one thing through and take lots of notes before I move on.  With all this information at my fingertips I have to make a cheesy 80s reference and say that…   


P.S.  This is “part one” because I assess I am bound to discover something else “new to me” that others would consider basic and worthy of a facepalm.  🙂