Kettlebell Salad Bar

There are two basic camps in the world of kettlebells: Girevoy Sport and Hardstyle.  You can do an internet search and find theory, drama, and trash-talking by both camps.  Based upon my obsession with brevity I will characterize the two as follows:

Girevoy Sport generally involves lifting kettlebells as many times as possible during a set period of time.  The key to thriving in Girevoy Sport is efficiency.  More information about Girevoy Sport can be found by performing an internet search for Valery Fedorenko

Hardstyle generally involves lifting kettlebells for low reps while utilizing appropriate muscular tension.  More information about Hardstyle can be found by performing an internet search for Pavel Tsatsouline.

The question:  Girevoy Sport or Hardstyle?

The answer:  Yes!

Treat the various kettlebell camps like a salad bar — take what you like, leave what you don’t like, keep eating.

For 138 pages of goodness about Girevoy Sport and Hardstyle check out this thread on IrongarmX: