Kettlebell Context

In order to avoid controversy let me state up front that the way to ultimate strength is through barbell training of deadlift, overhead press, squat, and bench press.

Now that we have that out-of-the-way let’s discuss why I use kettlebells for strength training.

I have a busy life.  I work full-time in a stressful job.  My wife’s job is even more stressful and requires travel.  We have a young child.  We have no family or local support network to rely on.  Time is precious.  Based upon the preceding I have two choices:

1.  Walk into our bedroom.  Assemble four pieces of jigsaw mat.  Grab the kettlebells I need.  Commence.

2.  Coordinate childcare, drive to a gym, try not to bash my SUV in the tiny parking garage, stand in line for a barbell, squat rack, or bench press.  Commence.

With our present schedule I can perform choice one seven days a week if I want to.  Right now I do it three days per week for one hour.  I could maybe accomplish choice number two twice per week.  Maybe.

I prefer kettlebells because it is better to choose “good enough for me” strength training as often as I want versus “perfect but rare” strength training twice a week.