Always Returning to What Works


I find myself more and more returning to what I know works for my body.  As such, while the below has likely been posted before, I feel the need to re-post it.

Monday:  20 minute circuit of kettlebell strict overhead press, kettlebell squat, pull-ups, and trunk twists.  Following this circuit do some balance exercises and six front rolls.  Finish with some farmer’s walks.

Tuesday:  Run for 30 minutes then swim 500 meters.

Wednesday:  20 minute circuit of kettlebell strict overhead press, kettlebell swing, pull-ups, and ab-roller.  Following this circuit do some balance exercises and six front rolls.  Finish with some farmer’s walks.

Thursday:  Run for 30 minutes then swim 500 meters.

Friday / Saturday / Sunday:  Relax


Q:  Single or double kettlebell strict press?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Single or double kettlebell squat or goblet squat?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Pull-ups or chin-ups?

A:  I don’t care as long as you don’t kip.  Every time you do a kipping pull-up a deity kills a cute animal.

Q:  One handed or two handed kettlebell swing?

A:  Yes.

Q:  How fast do I run?

A:  Fast enough to challenge yourself but slow enough to not stop during 30 minutes of running.

Q:  What rep and set scheme should I use?

A:  Whatever doesn’t make you end the workout period feeling like a tired worthless person who is barely able to take care of themselves.

Does Tryptophan Regulate Mood & Enable Low Carb Diets?


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors treat depression by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain (1).  Tryptophan is the sole precursor of peripherally and centrally produced serotonin.  My family, myself included, traditionally eats A LOT of popcorn, especially when under stress.  My best friend described my family’s intake of popcorn not on the level of snack, but on the level of religious experience.  Popcorn has tryptophan in it (2).  My best friend further wondered if my family’s massive consumption popcorn when stressed is like some strange version of Pica or Geographia (3).

Doing some math I realized that my Tryptophan recommended daily allowance for me is 102.058 mg for a body weight of 225lbs. One cup of un-popped popcorn equals 32 cups of popped popcorn — this is what I eat when I am stressed.  Thirty-two cups of popcorn has 320 milligrams of Tryptophan.  So, in essence, I am consuming a ton of calories plus butter plus salt in pursuit of 3x my RDA of tryptophan.

Over the last six weeks I have added foods with tryptophan into my lunch (sunflower seeds) and dinner (boiled shrimp, edamame, and pumpkin seeds) and taken a a single 500mg L-Tryptophan pill after dinner at 6:30pm each night.

The results?

No snacking after dinner.

No emotional pull towards popcorn.

Better sleep.

A very even mood during the day and less aggressive behaviors.

I can refrain from eating until my stomach growls if I want to, and my mood is not effected.

I have lost 12 pounds.

Beyond my non-scientific sample of one, I think increasing tryptophan in a person’s diet through food and / or supplements will also help people who want to do low carbohydrate diets but hit a wall at most attempts.





Not Referenced in Blog Post but Worthy of Reading


Yes I am still here…

I was googling something today and I came across a thread discussing how my blog hosted the Bryce Lane Compendium.  The poster noted that I had not posted in awhile and encouraged people to download the PDF while they still could as they feared by blog would not be maintained.

Well, I am still here.  🙂

For now I will leave everyone with this — if my definition of physical fitness is a balance of strength, endurance, and flexibility, I have found that one day per week dedicated to each works quite well.  This is of course in the context that I am not deploying anymore or duty bound to be able to dominate my environment or others.  For being Guy, Normal, (1) Each, this works quite well.

Take care.


Balance / Minimum Effective Dose / Life Demands etc

As I get older and my work and family demand more of my time I find myself looking more and more for a way to ensure my body gets what it needs, vice what my ego wants.  Below is what I am experimenting with these days.  The Yoga routine was built using Yoga Studio which can be found HERE.  I built a nearly 30 minute routine that works for my body and I pause it every three minutes and do something.  Enjoy! 

Monday: Run 30 Minutes; Pull-Up Ladders; Loaded Carries


Yoga Circuit:

Kettlebell Swing 

3 Minutes Yoga

Trunk Twist

3 Minutes Yoga

Single Kettlebell Overhead Press

3 Minutes Yoga

Star Jumpers

3 Minutes Yoga


3 Minutes Yoga

Ab Wheel

3 Minutes Yoga

Wednesday: Same as Monday

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: Turkish Getup; Front Rolls

Recon Ron Revisited

In this post from 2013 I extolled the virtues of the Recon Ron Pull-Up Program as featured in the December, 1981 edition of Marine Corps Gazette.  Over time I have found the set and repetition scheme of the Recon Ron Pull-Up program to be useful for other things.  For example, I may do the Recon Ron set and repetition scheme with both pull-ups and a single kettlebell strict overhead press.  I may double the Recon Ron set and repetition scheme for use with kettlebell swings.  I may half the Recon Ron set and repetition scheme with very challenging weights or exercises.  Based upon my use of the Recon Ron set and repetition scheme I made this spreadsheet which illustrates Recon Ron, Double Ron, and Half Ron  I hope you find it useful.  (Yes I know you can’t really do half a repetition — I was using a spreadsheet program!  Give a guy a break!)  One more thing, it is often nice to change the order of the sets described below.  Instead of doing 1-2-3-4-5 as the order I like to start at the ends and work my way to the middle by doing 1-5-2-4-3 as this helps in fatigue management.Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 9.44.58 AM.png

Lots of Updates


I have not written in a long time as life has gotten in the way.  In this post I will provide some updates on various things.  Please bear with me.


The DASH Diet works.  In 90 days I took my blood pressure from 145/90 to 122/60 simply through dietary manipulation.  While the DASH Diet has many factors to it as long as you get less than 1,500mg of sodium per day and 4,700mg or greater of potassium per day I suspect you will see results.  I get my potassium from light orange juice, avocados, potatoes, steak, bananas, and some forms of potato chips when I crave a snack.


I recently acquired a TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze which, while very expensive, has been a life-changing event.  You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, if you can afford it, buy the best mattress you can.  Lots of good research into mattresses is available at the website Mattress Underground.


Regarding my recurring right bicep tendon annoyances I took some advice from Blaidd Drwg on IrongarmX which amounted to “Don’t fuck with it.”  Of note is that I interpreted “Don’t fuck with it” as don’t try to train around the injury, literally, don’t do anything near the affected area.  As such from January until August of 2017 I did nothing but walk or light yoga for exercises and, drumroll please, the pain went away and has not returned.  “Don’t fuck with it” — simple as that.

In October I began bringing back some pull-ups and kettlebells into my life and below is what I am doing these days which, is a great balance for me of strength, flexibility, and endurance based upon my time available and how much I want my workouts to effect the rest of my life i.e. not being worn out when I am trying to spend quality time with my family.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.38.35 AM

Ladders are Shaf’s Ladders — autoregulate your workout however you need to.

I like the Single Arm Kettlebell Clean for my Hinge Exercise as it feels as though it involves a bit more forearm and bicep strength usage during execution than the traditional Kettlebell Swing.

For Yoga I love the Yoga Studio App as it can be tailored to the needs of your body.

Naked Turkish Getups are an amazing exercise and I highly recommend them.  I can’t really describe how they make me feel other than energized.

I like the Single Arm Kettlebell Strict Overhead Press as while it uses less weight than the double kettlebell version it feels as though it requires more use of balance / stabilizer muscles which I like.

I like the Single Arm Kettlebell Rack Squat because I can get the same depth as the Goblet Squat but I also get a clean (hinge) to get the kettlebell to the rack position and I need to balance / stabilize more during the squat as compared to the Goblet Squat.

For the Take it Easy circuit — you need to take it easy.  Relax.  You should feel better after than before.  Let me explain the exercises a bit.


Ab Wheel


Stand on One Foot for 20 Seconds Right then Left


Trunk Twists – Right then Left is One Repetition


Bird Dogs for 20 Seconds Right then Left

Blood Pressure & Shoulders

Blood Pressure:

August 23:  163/95

September 28:  138/78

October 8:  138/72

Since August 23-ish:

No cardio.

3x a week lifting.

DASH diet six days per week. One day per week I go nuts and eat and drink whatever I want.

Cut back on caffeine from a single 28oz daily coffee to single 16oz.

8 oz of beet juice daily.

8 oz of hibiscus tea daily.

12mg of fish oil daily.

1 cup of oatmeal for breakfast daily.

Correlation? Causation? I have no clue. What I do know is that I did a combination of things and the numbers came down.


In August, 2016 my left bicep tendon started to dislike me.  I got a cortisone injection, did some rehab, and it is fixed.

In October, 2016 my right bicep tendon flared up again from this thing in 2014.  My body truly hates horizontal pressing of any kind as this flare-up came from push-ups, and very few of them at that.  I got a cortisone injection and rehab starts this week.  Note I never got a cortisone injection in the right bicep tendon in 2014 because it was never presented to me as an option.

Based upon what I learned from my previous bicep tendon rehab efforts and reading The 7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution below is a jpg of my next plan — or as I call it Shoulder Thingy Two Point Oh.